About the video
This video is a music visualization project by Thomas Frenzel, German based interdisciplinary designer with a focus on intermedia projects and content generated graphics.

It is build upon a mixture of hand-crafted illustrations and computer generated elements that result in a fusion of artificial and organic matters. The hybrid collage principle enables a visual language that is variant and comparably consistent. Many components are kind of recycled, remixed or sampled and derive from the content of global warming issues or quote the project’s visual communication elements like the Danger Global Warming tape.

The video—based on the remix by Michael Fakesch—is about creation, followed by urban and industrial sceneries. The process of construction and de-construction reflects the proceeding functionalization and rationalization of the natural environment and society and shows some of the most severe impacts of climate change.

About the Danger Global Warming Project
The Danger Global Warming Project is a multimedia initiative developed by The Blacksmoke Organisation and supported by world-respected film makers, designers, photographers, artists, musicians, actors, writers and more. It has been designed to raise awareness of climate change worldwide with a mix of original images, sound and videos. Internationally acclaimed music artists including Coldcut, Trentemøller, Biosphere and many more have been contributing remixes of the Danger Global Warming theme track. Some of those have been chosen to be visualized by selected video artists.

The whole venture is supposed to subtly attract people and to encourage as many as possible to strongly change their mindset towards climate change.

The Blacksmoke Organisation

Danger Global Warming
(Recycled by Michael Fakesch)

Thomas Frenzel

3.52 min

Curatorial Support
Cornelia & Holger Lund/Fluctuating Images

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